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Are you my type?

·2 mins

Did you know there was more to the type matching operator than just pattern matching and exception handling?

Terror From The Deep

·15 mins

So this is my Christmas special. I’ve been asked on numerous times to write about the F# addin for Xamarin studio which is in the fsharpbinding repo, this repo is shared with the emacs support and also the Sublime Text support. So in this edition we will be taking a deep dive into the terrifying deep depths of the F# compiler and F# addin development…

Flux Compression (redux)

First of all the title, redux because I’m revising post I started on earlier in the year, compression because this has to do with compression, and Flux, which is also part of the redux, one of the first things I remember writing on the net was an article about Flux Compression Generators on H2G2, its still there too!

Xamarin 3 F# Awesomeness

·2 mins
With the release of Xamarin 3 there is a swathe of new features to the platform, but obviously the most important one is obviously F# support is now included by default in Xamarin Studio so there is no escape from the awesomeness of F#!

Can I have some F# with that?

·7 mins
There’s been a fair bit of activity lately from a project called ScriptCS, it allows you to put together a project using C# as a lightweight scripting language, forgoing the use of Visual Studio which can sometimes be too bloated and bulky.