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Sockets and Bockets 4

Welcome to part 4 # If you were looking forward to some exciting new F# code this time your going to be disappointed, however if you are like me and like looking at graphs and stats and digging in deeper into the code then your going to enjoy this, lets get started…I set up a 5 minute test with 50 clients connecting to the server with a 15ms interval between each one.

Sockets and Bockets 1

Welcome to part 1 # A while back I read an interesting article by Brian McNamara f-async-on-the-server-side which describes C# and F# versions of a simple asynchronous socket server, one of the driving forces behind the article was how F# can wrap the traditional asynchronous model with Asynchronous Workflows, this produces nice clean simple code compared to the C# version which uses lambda expressions, the code looks quite ugly in this style!