New Adventures
@ 7sharp9 · Tuesday, May 31, 2016 · 1 minute read · Update at May 31, 2016

So today was my last day at Xamarin.

I have decided to move on and have some fabulous new adventures. I don’t know quite where this will lead me yet but its going to be exciting finding out!

Why? you may ask.

I’ve been working for Xamarin since 22nd October 2013 on F# tooling and engineering. Over a period of time it’s very easy to become comfortable and complacent and no longer be challenged. I have a hacker mentality, I need to create new things, crack difficult problems, experiment. There are various other reasons too, but with the Microsoft acquisition now seemed as good a time as any to say goodbye and move on.

What’s Next?

So in a nutshell, I will also be writing, live-streaming and working on my own new and wonderful things to challenge myself and push my boundaries.

I’ll once again available for some consulting work too, so feel free to ping me.

Until next time!

Dave Thomas
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Hi, my name is Dave Thomas and Im a software engineer from the Uk. I work primarily in F# but also like to tinker with pretty much any interesting language. Im drawn to more functional languages like F#, Swift and Rust.

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