From C# to F#: A Developer's Perspective
@ 7sharp9 · Saturday, Jul 16, 2011 · 1 minute read · Update at Jul 16, 2011

I recently wrote an article for Developer Fusion on the changes in mindset required when moving from C# to F#.

The article has proved to be more more popular than I envisaged.  I think a lot of .Net developers are interested in F# but are unsure on the path to take when trying to accomplish this.  For me it was almost a leap of faith, I saw the potential benefits and just jumped right in.

I had to overcome numerous obstacles along the way before I become comfortable within the language.  I had question like:

  • How do design patterns and principles fit in.
  • How do I structure my applications.
  • How can I work seamlessly with other libraries in the .Net ecosphere.

I will try and answer some of these question over the coming weeks as well as introducing some new topics.  If anyone has any comments on the article or suggestions on future content please leave them below, and I will try to work them into future posts.

You can find the article here.

Until next time…

Dave Thomas
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