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Reckoning day

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I’ve finally been awarded a Microsoft MVP its been quite a long time coming. Ive been nominated for MVP every year since July 2011 but until now I have been unsuccessful. On the 1st of July I received an email congratulating me that I had been successful on my MVP nomination.

I am now officially a Microsoft Most Valued Professional! #

I was first nominated in July 2011 which seems like an age ago. I have been nominated various times each year since then. There are various activities that I have been involved in over the that last four or so years in F#. Here are the ones that I feel particularly proud of:

Blogging #

I write about various F# topics that I find interesting. They are usually technical in nature or just what I find interesting or challenging at the time. If I can help someone else figure something out from one of my posts, or bootstrap an interesting new project, then all the better!

Renovating F# addin for MonoDevelop #

When I first started using F# on OSX the MonoDevelop F# addin was pretty derelict, it hadn’t been updated for sometime and didn’t even compile. It took quite a learning curve but I soon got up to speed and managed to improve things bit by bit.

Editor support and general tooling can take a lot of time and effort, you can often get stuck on things with no clue on how to resolve something without digging deep within the F# compiler. Im sure Don Syme has a spam filter on my emails by now :-)

F# on IOS #

Around January 2013 I managed to get F# working on iOS devices, you can read some of the details in part one and part two. It was really exciting to get a shinny new platform availably for F#!

Edge.fs #

Before the FSharp.Compiler.Service even came to light I heard about Edge.js and wanted to have F# support, so in May 2013 I set about implementing it. I ended up playing around in the compiler trying to figure how things worked. You can read all about that here.

F# for ScriptCS #

Around June 2013 ScriptCS was getting a great deal of publicity on Twitter so I decided it was about time F# should be part of it. This was also another opportunity to start hacking in the compiler again, ultimately this ended up with better programmatic REPL support added to the F# compiler.

Creation of F# Compiler Service #

As part of working on the F# plugin for MonoDevelop it came to light that better support was needed for the F# compiler so that better tool integration could be built. I worked to try and consolidate different areas of the the compiler that were being used by disparate tooling at the time. This eventually lead to working with Don Syme to create FSharp.Compiler.Service. Over time this repository has been improved and lead to even better tooling for all editors and IDE’s that use it.

FSharp.Core nuget package #

I petitioned for some time to get better PCL support for F#, namely the quite common profiles 78 (.NET Framework 4.5, Windows 8, Windows Phone Silverlight 8) and 259 (.NET Framework 4.5, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone Silverlight 8). Once the extra profiles were brought to fruition I created a nuget package to deploy them for easy consumption.

F# Community Bad Ass #

This is one of my favorites: In May 2014 I was awarded the F# community Badass award at Functional Londoners:

I wish I had got an official trophy for that, it would have looked really good on the mantlepiece! :-)

Until next time …