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Final Month On Patreon

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Ive decided that this month is last month I’ll be on Patreon.

Ive decided at the end of this month I’m going to stop using Patreon.

I’ve come to this decision for several different reasons which I will go into now.

Firstly my YouTube channel has now become my main creative outlet. By that I mean none of my other hobbies even get a chance, I’m always thinking about making a new video mainly because of the subscription based nature of Patreon makes it feel like you have to have content month on month without fail. I started out making a video a week at the beginning but I quickly realised this is not sensible with the level of production and quality that I like to release, so once every 3 to 4 weeks has become the norm now. Definitely every month now that I have patrons waiting for content.

I don’t think that I’m going to stop making videos I really like making videos, I just don’t want the pressure of Patreon to be something that influences my decisions going forward. Even if it is irrational, some of you might say “we don’t want to put you under pressure we just want to support you”. While I am really grateful for the community we have started here, and I hope if can continue without Patreon.

I want the videos I produce to maintain the same quality of production. I would like to take that even further in the future if my channel ever got to the point where I could upgrade my video equipment to a nice DSLR and a 4k monitor so I could record and produce full 4k videos. (Currently I upscale from 1080p/2k screen casts to 4k as it gets rendered better by YouTube).

I have been spending the Patreon money mainly on an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and an Epidemic sounds subscription as I wanted to see if I could use software like Adobe Premiere so increase the level of production further. While I feel like the quality has increased I don’t think its due to the software, its more about better sound and video editing, I think thats made the biggest difference. Another reason I chose to use Adobe Premier was the bugs I was previously getting in Final Cut Pro, however, Adobe Premier Pro has been diabolical this year so I’m going back to Final Cut Pro. So with the end of Patreon funding I’m also stopping Creative cloud and Epidemic sounds so my videos may look and sound a little bit different from now on. For a small channel like mine its quite an expense to fund music licensing with Epidemic Sounds and a Creative Cloud subscription service each month.

There’s also some other things that have come into play. I’m a freelance programmer and since April I’ve taken a break and have been doing a little research into new languages and ideas as well as planing and recording new videos. I’ve now got to the point where I need to fund my business again with more freelance work so that means less time to commit to YouTube and it doesn’t seem right to expect the Patreon funding to continue, and also for the reasons I mentioned previously about feeling the pressure to create each month without fail.

I’m still going to keep my ko-fi account that I recently setup for ad-hoc support of my channel which I’ll continue to use to help fund future equipment like a better camera, lighting, and sound etc. But this will be more along the lines of:

If you liked this video and want to support the future production of videos then why not buy me a coffee!

Again I want to thank everyone for supporting me over the last 6 months on Patreon!

Thank you!