Running is not something Ive ever posted about before but it’s been a part of my life for a long time.

I normally mainly just write about programming but over the years Ive learned that writing in more general terms about life and experiences within it gives you more of an insight into a person and makes any subsequent the material more relatable, although I’ve not put that into practice a lot its something Im trying to do more starting with this post.

Where did running begin?

Originally I started running because I was training for a job in the armed services, but things changed and that didn’t end up happening. What did change though was that I found a love/hate relationship with running. Well not love hate really, more that it’s a mental battle between your conscious and subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is telling you, you can do this, while your subconscious mind is telling you that you are suffocating, you need more air you have to stop!

Why Running?

What I really like about running is it both a challenge and also gives you great sense of well being, it’s great for clearing mental fog and reducing stress. Contrary to popular belief if you run correctly it can strengthen your knees and ligaments, help to build stronger bones, improve cardiovascular fitness and maintain a health weight. There is some research that shows running can boost your memory, improve focus, and fight depression and anxiety. I find I have a lot more clarity and calmness after a run and things I would of found stressful in programming do not bother me as much.

Since we moved house 3 years ago I’ve been training more seriously on and off, moving house does cause a lot of disruption so it’s taken a while to get back into it again. Just before lockdown started in the UK back in March this year (2020) we bought a treadmill so that we could run or walk to get a workout without having to venture outside as much and bump into anyone as much. The treadmill we bought was Nordic Track which has a LCD screen and iFit integrated. I immediately found the trainer @tommy_rivs, he is a really good iFit trainer, very charismatic person and keeps you motivated throughout the training, as well as importing knowledge on physiology and culture, no matter where he is running you will learn something new as well as having a good workout!

I follow @tommy_rivs on social media and recently found out he had been hospitalized, he was then diagnosed with primary pulmonary NK/T-cell lymphoma, this is a rare type of lung cancer. He’s a pro runner from Flagstaff Arizona, physical therapist, and well known in the running community. At first I found out about a fund raiser by iFit where they would donate $1 for every mile completed on one of his programs, so my immediate thought is I would definitely take part in that and crank out as many miles as I could. Later that day I think, I learned about the #RunWithRivs challenge where you set yourself a challenge then use that positivity and motivation to raise funds for Tommy to help with medical costs. So that was that, I set myself a challenge of running 45 miles during the next week. Im more of a 5 to 10k runner so I though this might be possible for me although I knew I might be a bit sore.


I ended up running 58 miles during the challenge and raising $115, although i didn’t quite meet my target of $150 I really glad I did the challenge. I’m just glad I could help even if it’s just in some small way. If you want to check out my challenge page then it’s here it’s still open for donations if you wanted to help out.

Heres me after completing the challenge last Sunday :-)

Wow! I was tired but it was worth it! It’s given me the bug for doing longer runs and challenges in the future. I would love to do an ultra marathon!

As for the challenge as a whole, over $180,000 was raised!

Oh finally, iFit recently announced the outcome of the fund raiser where they were donating $1 per mile.

The participants came from 81 different countries, completed 32,934 workouts and covered 106,751 miles, so that mean iFit are donating $106,751! Amazing!

Until next time!